“Thank you for your words of encouragement. I didn’t know what to expect from the first session! I know now that the transformation will be bigger, and better, than what can be seen on the surface. And will exceed my initial expectation of thoughtful “home organizing”. I realize now that you offer so much more than that! 

- Alison (pictured with her husband Josh who joined the second session)

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"I have been wanting to reorganize my apartment for years but never made any real progress on it until I met Shira. She gave me the push I needed to prioritize making my living space feel comfortable and organized. I have so much more peace of mind being in my space since working with her. Since working with her, I've never had to glare at a box wedged high up in my closet and think "what on earth is in there?" or spend hours hunting for missing objects. She's very thorough, and has a wonderfully human approach to her work that is highly compassionate without being afraid to give a little push when needed.

I never felt judged by Shira, and she never made me feel guilty. She gently guided me to consider each item's best path, pushing me to let go of what was no longer bringing joy, and respecting the things I really wanted to hold on to. She made a number of excellent suggestions for creative ideas about how to improve our space, many of which we've implemented to great success. Throughout the process, she repeatedly performed a magic trick of creating open space where it never seemed possible.

- Emma Y.



"Shira Sameroff’s Sweet Relief home organizing workshop offered a freer and more positive way of thinking about making my workspace more usable. I left with excitement about clearing out books and files. She gave me a new way of thinking - that I get to move out stuff not that I have to.

I love Shira’s sense that we need to work out our own systems, not use someone else's. Working with her one to one offered an even more intense and supportive approach to  clearing and making an enjoyable and usable space. I especially appreciated her friendly support, and tremendously worthwhile suggestions, both for rearranging, and for rethinking why I was saving certain thing and whether I needed to continue to do so. Throwing out old, abandoned projects leaves space for new ones to grow. It is exciting to see the new possibilities open up. Thanks, Shira, for helping me see these possibilities."

- Ellen



I went into the Sweet Relief workshop inquisitive but skeptical. I came out a ready, willing, and able agent.  Shira's approach made this a thoughtful and constructive discussion of the things that sustain us and the ones that get in the way.  She is incredibly kind and skillful, and used those tools to open space for us to talk about the emotional underpinnings of so much stuff.  All of the participants left the workshop hoping for a chance to meet again.

- Phyllis A. 



"It was great working with you because you helped me shift my mindset from organizing feeling like a chore to it feeling like a fun act of self-care. You helped me connect with what brings me joy rather than thinking about what I "should" do. You're like Marie Kondo but also you get that feelings are at the root of how people approach doing anything with their stuff."

- Pamela M.

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"I mostly appreciate how much you pushed me to not be judgemental with myself, and encouarged me to think about this as a process that I "get" to take ownership of, instead of "should" be doing. You were thoughtful and sensitive, but you also know your stuff! You are really good at thinking through space and how to be efficient. This cleaning house is hard work! But you bring so much support into the process that I really looked forward to our sessions."

- Caitlin S.