Transform your home.
Make it a place that nourishes.
You deserve it!

How does this work?


We vision together!

Our work together will go far beyond arranging things in your home. We talk through your hopes and goals. We examine what about your home supports you and what hinders you. We explore your blocks and strategize how to remove them. I guide you to a vision that works for you, and bolster your ability to make that vision your reality. I’ll give you ideas for your space and will strategically bring forth and integrate your thoughts so the results will ultimately grow from you.

We will have fun. Really! Enjoying the process is the only way it will lead to a result that truly serves you.

The process and result of tending to home is unique and looks different for every client. I love witnessing what evolves. Each and every time I am moved and inspired.

The Nitty-Gritty

  • We start with a free phone consultation to explore working together.

  • I work in person, on the phone or through a video app. You can work with me from anywhere in the world!

  • If we go forward, I come to your home in person or virtually, help clarify your vision and goals, and make our plan to get you there.

  • Together we’ll determine the shape and time of our work and evaluate throughout the process. I’ll be by your side each step of the way, intermittently, and/or anything in between as best meets your needs.

  • I offer gift certificates for you to give to your loved ones.

Some things that get in the way of tending to home...

Self-judgment! That's the first thing we throw in the trash. I help you be genuinely pleased with yourself, irrespective of any struggles you have in your home or elsewhere. It’s a necessary step in this work. There is no need to be hard on yourself. You are human after all, just like the rest of us.

Whether or not you dispose of anything else, the following refrains I hear over and again are the most detrimental clutter of all. Most of us have a version of these thoughts in our heads and it’s understandable. But they are not reality and they deeply hinder our ability to move forward.


"All those boxes in my basement are not in my way."

It’s difficult to tell the impact of something that is impeding us until it is removed. That piece of furniture that you hate, those books you've been meaning to read for years, clothes that you spent too much money on but don’t enjoy wearing. Even tucked away in a closet, they are taking up space that cannot be filled with something that makes your life better. Clearing those items out invites spaciousness and thus new possibility into your home, life and being. It's time!

"I don’t have time to tend to my home."

Of course it feels that way! We do not live in a society that encourages tending to ourselves. We all do immense work, be it paid or unpaid, recognized or not, and many of us feel just plain spent.

Deciding to care for oneself is a powerful act that allows us the ability to engage in all areas of our lives thoughtfully and effectively. Attending to the spaces we inhabit is a critical aspect of that process and it makes a world of difference.

"I don't have people in my home because it's too messy."

Rubbish! The idea that your home needs to look a particular way before you are allowed to have people in it does not serve you or them. I have had some of the best times in the messiest of homes, with people full of life and love and couldn’t have cared less about the physical space. Inviting people into your home as is invites in all kinds of wonderfulness and in fact aids you to care more for your space.

"I am no good at organizing and can’t think about how to care for my home."

I have learned from experience that everyone (yes, even you!) has the potential to make their space work well. If you don’t feel this way, that’s just because you haven’t yet had the right support and likely have been trying to figure it out by yourself. Just because you haven’t yet experienced your abilities in this area, does not mean they aren’t there. I have confidence in your ability to engage in this process no matter what it feels like at the outset. You get to have that confidence in yourself as well.

"Tending to my home is tedious and boring."

Not true! Have you ever noticed how much children love to sweep and vacuum and arrange things? Before messages come in from the outside that they are not supposed to feel that way? Young ones know the joy of this work. I’ll help you rekindle that joy in yourself, making your process and results so much more fruitful.